Visual Stimulation | 4th of July

These are a few photos taken from various photographers: Tony Shi Kyle Nishioka Aldo Rafael Altamirano Check out the awesome lettering timelapse done by Dana Tanamachi all done in chalk. [Edit] Apparently wordpress is acting…

Backyard Treasures

A few days ago I went with a buddy of mine to do some headshots for a friend that’s trying to make it in the acting biz. He had a few things that were interesting…

Saudade. And a Little More.

Saudade. Saudade. It flooded me today. Put a name to the face of the creeping, knowing bit of darkness that finds a home in the souls of particular folk-yours truly included. Souls from places-through birth or legacy-named third world: Mexico. New Orleans. Brazil. Guatemala. Haiti. Laos. Angola. Philippines. Mali…..It is in the music. In the food. In the words. Words made up to tear at the limits of language and glide into the heart. Saudade, saudade. In us.

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