Visual Stimulation | 4th of July

These are a few photos taken from various photographers: Tony Shi Kyle Nishioka Aldo Rafael Altamirano Check out the awesome lettering timelapse done by Dana Tanamachi all done in chalk. [Edit] Apparently wordpress is acting…

Takashi Murakami @ Gagosian Gallery

It’s almost been 4 or 5 years since I saw the Takashi Murakami exhibit. I remember I was being blown away when it came to MOCA here in LA. With his latest work, I must…

Infographics Meets Daft Punk

Mashups. We have all heard it before. Girl Talk, clubs, or an amateurish attempt from someone on Youtube. They rarely are mediocre so you know it will either crash and burn or be an instance…

Wall To Wall – Phlegm

Street art by Phlegm. His use of spray cans to capture shadowing and contour lines are amazing. Featuring music by Ratatat – Mirando

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