Soundaze Mixtape 21

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“A View From The Afternoon” – Arctic Monkeys
I’ve been a fan of the Arctic Monkeys for some time now, in fact, I can say that they are my favorite band. I got to see them a couple of years ago here in California and I can tell you that they put on a really good show. The group puts so much energy and passion into their music that each song comes out wicked. If you haven’t already I suggest you pick up their albums starting from the first, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not. – Randy

“Delta Spirit” – St. Francis
i think i listened to Ode to Sunshine, Delta Spirit’s debut album about fine hundred times over in the span of a month. so you might say, i’m kind of a fan. this cut, “St. Franicis” off of their second album, History from Below makes me want to run, not really sure where to, but all i know is i wanna get going. fast. i’m not quite sure what brings me back to Delta Spirit’s sounds on lonely day like this, possibly it’s the fond memories of drinking whiskey in an old roadside motel with friends until the sun comes up or making out with cute indie rocker boys with eyes any fool would get enticed by. hmmm. possibly. – Julia

“Strawberry Swing” – Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean is from the up and coming Odd Future collective that has been garnering quite a buzz from the music scene. Ocean is a New Orleans native that has begun making a name for himself with his debut (free) album, called Nostalgia, ULTRA. You might be able to recognize this song if you’re a Coldplay fan. It is actually a straight jack from Coldplay, including the title and some of the melody if not most of it. What intrigues me more is the way Ocean takes this song and makes it his own by invoking feelings of imminent destruction, and nostalgia. I believe that by using other artists’ songs he is acknowledging that there is nothing new but that you can always turn the old into something. Or recycle an idea if you will. – Miguel

“The Cave” – Mumford and Sons
Mumford and Sons has definitely flew under the radar for me. I remember umpteen months ago Ms. Valerie asked me the question, “Do you fall in and out of Hip Hop?” I can honestly say yes I have. I thought how I really restricted myself by listening to one specific genre, afraid to take chances to what else music has to offer in fear of what my peers may think of me with, “wtf are you listening to?”. Personally, the vast music I have discovered in the past year has definitely helped me mature in my selection. This song also plays a roll as the lyrics depict moving on from the past and making the best of what happens in the present and future. That banjo is pretty pimp too. – Chris

“Haitian Love Songs” – Coco Rosie
my spirit ran to greet you before my feet left the porch…”. yes. it’s like that. notes, of hip hop/syncopation. lilting, lo-fi, syrupy. not honey sticky, but agave nectar syrupy-super sweet & slips easy off your fingers. that’s this song. it’s from the sister duo’s “recorded in my Paris bathroom” debut La Maison de Mon Reve (2004). if you haven’t done this already, please add to your mid spring mix. L.A. to Port Au Prince, i’m yours. – Valerie

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