Soundaze Mixtape 22

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“Window Seat” – Erykah Badu
“the self proclaimed “queen of neo-soul” miss Erykah Badu has engulfed the airwaves in our home for the past couple weeks. the majesty and power this Badu being has over me is remarkable. 100% phenomenal woman. “window seat” is the jam of the moment for me even with (or without) all the video controvesey surrounded by her most poignant yet visually stimulating imagardiy. (check it out here) i’ve been a long time listener lover of Badu since her headwrapp-ed andre 3000 days and don’t plan to look away any time soon. word on the music street is she’s dropping random dj sets as DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown. this little bird wants some of that soon.” – Julia

“Bouncing Ball” – Lefties Soul Connection
“Need something more funky? Amsterdam group, Lefties Soul Connection, brings you some off the chart music that’s sure to bring the funk, soul, grooves and a lot more. “Bouncing Ball” comes off their 2006 album Hutspot. No need for a vocalist in the particular tune, the organ does it all.” – Randy

“I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night” – The Kickdrums feat Curtains
“I first heard this song off of the Kickdrums Coachella Mixtape I posted on our Facebook wall a few days back. Bringing the best of both worlds with rock and hip hop instantly caught my attention. This song was came from Mick Boogie’s: The Changemakers mixtape in collaboration with Nike.
Check em out.” – Chris

“Your Love Is Mine” – The New Mastersounds
“I came across this song a few days ago while searching for something to relax to. The New Mastersounds, out of Leeds England, has a sound of funkiness that cannot be ignored. This song is particular, has Corinne Bailey on vocals. Corinne gives the song just the right amount of vocals to keep the song flowing with ease.” – Randy

“The Funeral (Dubstep Remix)” – Band Of Horses
“I first heard about this song from the show “My Life As Liz”. You can pull out the haterade and drink it up but, I love that show. Regardless I was searching on Youtube for a dubstep remix of the song and low and behold I found one. When I thought this was going to be a terrible mash up of beats and wubs that overpower the song. However, this version surprisingly balanced the original and the dubstep treatment. Love it or hate it.” – Chris

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