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ESG for emerald, sapphire and gold, of course, was an experimental band from the boogie-down bronx consisting in three sisters (maria, renee & valerie scroggins) on vocals, congas, and drums and two friends on guitar and bass (david miles, leroy glover). the short-lived grouping’s polyrhythmic funk flavors carried weight for years after they disbanded. everyone from wu-tang to tricky has sampled them. a loop of this particular selection can be heard on big daddy kane’s “ain’t no half-steppin.” junior m.a.f.i.a dabbled in this batter as well. the creepy, pothead aliens crash landed in the back-basement vibe of this track, with its meandering vibe, conflicting rhythms and bluesy bass line is worth a dig. – Valerie

“Gifted (Masuka Remix)” – NASA feat Kanye West
As much as I like venturing off into other orifices of music I would say I never thought of dubstep to be one that would gain my interests. I blame it on Mr.Randy Gonzales. Every time I would come over to do work he would some dubstep streaming radio station playing. Since then I have become a fan. The original song and music video is awesome but the dub step treatment is just a plethora of vibrations. I have had my searches of dub step remixes, some are a hit and miss, but this one takes the cake. Put that bass on max and let the music go hard. wah wah wah wah wah – Chris

“Bobby In Phoenix” – Gorillaz
This mixture of acoustic guitar and synth is otherworldly and definitely deserves to be heard during the moments one searches for clarity. This song is a permanent fixture in the soundtrack of my life. Funk that! – Miguel

“Here Comes Your Man” – Pixies
kim deal’s sweet voice, joey santiago on guitar, the sounds made it’s way into my auditory cortex and together they made sweet love-ness. thanks to my IBF cohort, MessVerbalVee, “love-ness” is now in active use in my lexicon. props and love-ness to you my dearest. but yes, “Here Comes Your Man,” not sure if the, “is this a Beatles cover?” reaction to their stylings is what makes me enjoy this tune so much or just the plan ole’ high regard i hold for the great establishment that is the Pixies (even if they rarely play it live). either way, i’ll never stray from the opportunity to grab my partner close, cuddle, sway, dance and design our very own getaway boxcar. headman joe francis might shake his head at my attempts to romanticize this song though, as according to all things Wiki…pedia, the song is actually about “winos and hobos traveling in trains and dying from earthquake.” word? – Julia

“Mixtape” – The Nonce
This is a track that I use to listen to over and over again when my brother first picked up their album Mix Tapes / Keep it On. The dynamic duo from the 90’s included Nouka Basetype and Yusef Afloat (RIP). These were true hip hop artist that loved nothing but their music. Bring the Old School back – Randy

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