Soundaze Mixtape 19

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“Kokoro”-Mia Doi Todd
“holy communion…brother and sisterdom is all that’s left for us…so get back on the bus.” kokoro means heart in japanese. the word flutters. my heart does gently so when my ears peer into this gem with it’s cryptic, gentle heart sensibility. the sweepy wind arrangements here: perfect. this offering is off Todd’s seventh album, the 2008 release GEA, a worthwhile journey finding the singer/songwriter in a happy space of subtle folk with her guitar strums, hand drums struck by Andres Renteria, and instrumentation from another L.A. favorite, Miguel Atwood Ferguson. i was able to catch her perform some new work in an intimate venue recently…i recommend you summon some energy and get yourself to her next set. you’ll likely catch the hypnotic channeling of joni mitchell and phoebe snow via polyethnic fairy jam.” – Valerie

“Evaporar” – Little Joy
“This is a great rainy day song. Why did I choose it? Well, because it has been raining lately and I have been a bit under the weather myself. The bossa nova inspired, “Evaporar” gives me some summer warmth during these cold days. I recently discovered Little Joy, when they were referenced by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba (authors and illustrators of my fave comic “Daytripper”) during an article describing the music they worked to during the making of their comic. I sincerely recommend you the reader to delight yourself by listening to this album in its entirety. Enjoy and Funk on!” – Miguel

“Artsy” – The Grouch
“his lyrics drew me in, embraced me and asked me to reflect. i’m not sure if one would call it an “awaken” or if this Grouch cut just checked me and all the ridiculous day-to-day idiosyncrasies i’ve adopted. too many steps into the black hole of self-consumption and further away from my goal of self-actualization. i must return to the path that beats with heart. message. i heard it. open to change. must reorganize. fun facts. The Grouch, member of the Living Legends underground rap crew out of Oakland now based in La-La-Land and is still a force to be reckoned with as their newest album drops at the end of March 2011. The crew was considered by LA Weekly to be “one of the biggest success stories of the indie-rap movement, [having] sold close to 300,000 units of their various solo and group efforts — all by them-damn-selves.” there is music and messages to be heard, i’m all ears.” – Julia

“Sweet Night Lady” ft. Hitman & Terrah (Dash Total’D Remix) – Sound Equality
“It’s been awhile since I posted some Dubstep. Turn up the volume for this tune, the bass is definitely hard hitting. Dash Total’D did a good job remixing this tune. Though I didn’t find too much information on both Dash Total’D and Sound Equality, they are both Manchester based producers. Check out Dash’s SoundCloud.” – Randy

“Vagrancy” – Force of Nature
“This song was part of Samurai Champloo’s OST, an anime that aired back in the early 2000s on adult swim. (Shouts to the anime heads) I originally heard this track off a mixtape, Indescribable Feeling, made by From the beginning you have the organ playing the repetition of chords but the addition of the dirty snare that transitions from one bar to another is straight funky. If you feel like boppin yo head go right on ahead!” – Chris

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