The Wonderful, Amber Ojeda

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Amber Ojeda is a beautiful twenty-something singer/songwriter hailing form the coastal metropolis of San Diego, with a beautiful voice to match–not to mention amazing stage presence, awesome live shows, expressive lyrics…  With years of performance and experience under her belt, Ms. Ojeda has polished her amazing sound through well-thought out, meaningful lyrics, and a fusion of musical influences, ranging from Sarah Vaughn, to A Tribe Called Quest. In February, she dropped her first album titled, Here I Am, with 9 songs leaving you wanting an extra serving of her musical gumbo. The most popular track on the record, which is also my personal favorite, is the rap-sung duet “Don’t Rush” produced by Beatsmith. Amber’s voice is extremely welcoming, and will likely induce you to sing, hum, and bop your head along to the beat. The drum programming on the track is a la Tribe–the keys, lush; the upright bass, carrying the groove elegantly throughout the track–all combining to create an environment that allows you to sit back, and inhale… life.  Even then, the work on her album only scratches the surface of what this young lady can do musically. Ms. Ojeda’s performances are outstanding, teeming with beautiful arrangements of her album’s work. Backed by great musicians that compliment her vocal stylings, Amber’s music blossoms. Ms. Ojeda currently holds the top spot on’s Hip Hop Chart for the city of San Diego. Ladies and gentlemen of Southern California, I suggest you don’t sleep on the talents of the wonderful Amber Ojeda. Here is an interview with Amber after the jump:

IBF: How long have you been performing?

Amber: I believe I started performing around 3, as soon as I realized people would pay attention. It was not always singing for me though. At first it was dance, then music, then acting… but it was certainly the music that spoke most to me.

IBF: Who would you say influenced you the most to start performing?

Amber: My Mom hands down. She has single handedly been the most influential positive force throughout my life. She always encouraged me to share what I had to express with the world.

IBF: Can you give us a brief introduction of your band members?

Amber: Of course! I believe the night that you came through to the show I was sharing the stage with 3 very talented men. On bass we had Thomas Drayton who also lends his talents with Van Hunt, Faith Evans, Kate Earl & just played with The Gorrilaz at Coachella. On keys I had the very talented Davy Nathan who plays also plays with Toni Braxton, New Kids on the Block and is one of the members of the baddest Jazz fusion ensembles playing in Los Angeles today. They are called the Core. Honestly.. if you are in the LA area you NEED to hear them. Davy is one of those musicians that I am constantly in awe and humbled by, as is Thomas. On drums saving me that night we had Brook Alexander. He literally jumped in to fill the spot for us last minute so I am limited in my information about him. All is know is that he more than rose to the challenge and the standards set by both Thomas and Davy. I will definitely call him again!

IBF: Where do you derive your inspiration to create music from?

Amber: Any and everything. Mainly my massive arsenal of emotions. It’s true what you may hear.. I am a bit of a sensitive drama queen!

IBF: What genres of music do you believe your music reflects the most?

Amber: Most certainly in my live shows I would say Jazz & Soul. On my recorded studio works, it varies. Lately there is a bit more hip hop/ down tempo beats running though my musical veins. I will be releasing new songs in just a little bit now!

IBF: Who are your top 3 favorite artists of all time?

Amber: Ahhh.. argh. I hate these questions. Honestly how can you narrow down a lifetime of influences and growth? Okay… Sarah Vaughn, Sade, Tribe Called Quest, & NAS. (Yes, I know that’s 4, deal.)

IBF: Are you currently signed to a record label and if not, is that one of your goals?

Amber: No, not as of this moment. Is that a goal? No, I don’t think so. In the world of social media and super-connectivity there are more outlets and avenues for success than previously granted to the indie artist. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti- deal. Its just not my end all be all.

IBF: How can people access your music (is there an album, website, etc..)?

Amber: You can buy my album on iTunes. If you are looking for single downloads and releases you can stay connected with me on

Here are some links where you can find more on Amber Ojeda:

Here is a video of one of Ms. Ojeda’s Performances:

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