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It was just a basic afternoon when I was working on my portfolio when a buddy of mine sent me a Youtube link.  I click the link and listen. I’m introduced with light triplets that hit on a piano followed by a guitar lick that hits over the piano as the smooth mellow hip hop beats unify the song. I was automatically hooked as I grew deeper into the arrangement and blends of instruments. It was mellow but my head was bopping all the way through. The artist’s name, Quantic. Song title, Time Is The Enemy.

Quantic a.k.a, Will Holand varies from all types of genre from hip hop, soul, jazz, funk, dub, and electronic. What really blows my mind is that regardless what genre it is;  he knows how to combine them to work so well together. Besides being a DJ he has collaborated with many other musicians and around the world. He also has his side project called ‘Quantic Soul Orchestra’  which he performs live.

He has release many albums thus far but the one album I would like to mention for now is “Death Of The Revolution”.  Even though it was released in 2008, this album is a run through, meaning I can run through it without wanting to skip to the next track. I can honestly say it’s that good. I haven’t heard dub, latin jazz, and hip hop mixed into one ever. Quantic really knows how to blend the different vibes and unify them together on each track. The tracklisting are as followed below:

*All are my favorites but the bolded ones are my top three picks

1. Death of a Revolution

2. Mi Chocolatina

3. Make Dub Not War

4. Ciudad Of Swing

5. Westbound Train

6. Alegria En Bella Vista

7. Dub Del Pacifico

8. Cuidad Del Swing (Version)

9. Alegria En Bella Vista (Version)

10. Jaunita Bonita

When you can definitely take time to listen to his work especially this album. Buy it online or your local music store that hopefully might carry his work and support good music.

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