If you give a boy a Korg Electribe…

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…you get an “electric” experimental hip hop mixtape by Lincoln Sterling called, Preemie Babies. Mr. Sterling’s self-release went viral on 9/26/2010. Lincoln Sterling is a fresh-on-the-scene producer from Valencia, CA who’s style is all over the the hip hop spectrum. The sound of the beat tape is full of emotion expressed through hard synth riffs, syncopating drum programming and atypical song structure. The music reveals that if Lincoln Sterling would have been born during the first half of the 20th century, he for certain would have been a respected Jazz musician. On his first EP effort, the tracks are thought provoking and mood inducing while at the same time providing unique, pulsing rhythms. If you are ready to open your mind and absorb expressionist hip hop click on this link to download Lincoln Sterling’s mixtape for free. That’s right, free. This man is truly creating music for the love of it. Be sure to check out the interview after the jump.

“I don’t care about making all that much money. The nodding of your heads is payment enough.” –Lincoln Sterling

IBF: How long have you been creating music?

Lincoln: 21 years on the 8th on of November this year. But seriously, I started making beats 7 years ago.

IBF: What instruments did you use to create the mixtape?

Lincoln: I didn’t really use a typical instrument, I used digital music production software and the Korg Electribe which is a digital sampler/beat machine.

IBF: Which artists do you believe influenced your music the most?

Lincoln: Wow. 21 years of influence are really hard to recall, but what first comes to mind is: early Timbaland, my uncle, and the whole movement of experimental hip hop i.e. Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Toki Monsta, Free the Robots etc. Pretty much anything that goes against the grain of what is “socially acceptable” is what I am in to.

IBF: Do you have any other creative outlets besides music production?

Lincoln: Besides production, I’m also a songwriter, amateur photographer, and filmmaker.

IBF: How did you come up with the name for your mixtape Preemie Babies?

Lincoln: I was sitting, going through my beat catalog and I realized that I had built up a substantial amount of music, so i decided to release a 10 song mixtape. I called it Preemie Babies because I felt that the music came early, ahead of its time.

IBF: Where can people can people contact you or find you in cyberspace?

Lincoln: People who wish to contact me for feedback or any other purposes can reach through my profiles on facebook, reverbnation, and soundcloud.

Here is a sample of Lincoln Sterling’s music:


  1. dedan

    I am an old school bebop avante gard jazzman however eclectic in scope Lincoln’s music transcends space and time he is in the groove although the groove is gone.





  3. Valerie

    Nice!..if you like Madlib, Flying Lotus, Afta-1..then dig in. Hip Hop, electronica and jazz sensibilities meld together through cosmic chemistry. A little outer space vibe to enjoy in your inner spaces : )


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