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anyone who can cover the genius that is leonard cohen and his words, is alright by me.  i first heard of  this brooklyn trio, elizabeth & the catapult,  in the indie-folk-blogger world i get wrapped up in most sunday mornings as their debut album hit the air and exploded into tiny pieces of goodness before me.  elizabeth ziman’s sultry, melodious and immensely strong voice made my ears think they were hearing a sweet mix of jazz icon, ella fitzgerald, bluegrass/americana singer-songwritter, gillian welch and some random french chanteuse singing cabaret in a dark bar, holding a cig in one hand and a cognac in other.  ziman and her band mates; guitarist, peter lalish and drummer, dan molad arrange some beautifully poppy yet melancholy jazzy indie rock-ish twists of tunes that made me want to clap, snap, whistle and stomp along.

“taller children” is elizabeth & the catapult’s debut album and was produced by the mike mogis who’s known for collaborating with bands like bright eyes, rilo kiley, the faint and the good life.  after listening to this album in it’s entirety, it lingered in the air, resonating with me until i pushed play again and did it all over again, clapping, snapping, whistling, stomping only this time, singing along as well.

this is the leonard cohen cover i referenced. “everybody knows.” enjoy.

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