Bon Iver – i can’t make you love me / nick of time cover

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Justin Vernon performing a cover of “I Can’t Make You Love Me”…

there shouldn’t be anything said to preface this video of the Bonnie Raitt cover (originally written by Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin). but atlas, this is a journal so i’m obligated to say something. there’s nothing here but a piano, a whole lot of heartbreak, and Vernon’s impeccable vocal delivery. falsetto brilliance. this live in studio performance does away with the gala and hoopla of television performances and distills the Bon Iver effect to its essence, full of heart and emotion. and while this cover does not appear on the much anticipated sophomore album of Bon Iver’s self titled release (Grammy talk and “Best of 2011” projection aplenty), it is the b-side to its first single “Calgary” and a bonus track on iTunes pre-orders. lucky birds. it’s for anyone who’s ever loved hard and fell fast, right on their face. take a listen here or watch below, either are guaranteed to make almost any sappy hearted, undercover (or not) hipster loving, indie folk fan’s tear ducts well up with salty fluid. i know mine did on several occasions.

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