the beauty and brilliance of Natasha Kmeto

Natasha Kmeto (pronounced “kuh-meh-toe”) is an electro hip-hop, singer-producer based in Portland, OR. With a rich musical background in jazz, r&b, electronic and hip-hop she likes to describe her music as “futuristic soul.” Kmeto was…

double feature: afta-1 & nikko gray- two scoops of LOVE-ness.

there are two Los Angeles based artists worth checking for that are creating something named music. but it’s recommended that you press play and pronounce it L.O.V.E….no need to be perplexed, love. what beat smith Afta-1 and soulstress Nikko Gray intend is the spread of that transcendent, universal love by way of your ear drums. go with the flow, take a listen, and thank them later-renounce expectations and ride the vibe.

Foot Village beats my inner seven year old home.

Foot Village first came into my psyche through a friend who had a vinyl release of theirs. The cover art made an impression, so I was compelled to look them up. I heard a blizzard of rage, happiness, boredom, raw music-a form of Primal Therapy-a practice dear to John Lennon, Yoko and other suffering psychiatric acolytes. They definitely had a message to transmit, I thought, so I kindly opened my ears and swallowed. They sound like a catharsis of the inner child, going down like a nerve tonic to spit out the propagander zeitgeist, bleeding my metaphysical hernia. This sounds terrible, but trust me, it is anything but.

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