The Art of Lea Barozzi

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Artist Statement.
The aesthetic world of Lea is a purgatorial realm where a living fog sustains a sense of static tension and freezes the emotional states of its subjects in contemplative introspection. It is punctuated by symbolic props that engage the viewer with instant metaphorical recognition and elements of surprise which draw on our love of mystery. It is populated with little blue maidens and echoes of discarded dolls who are no strangers to loneliness but persevere to find their way in the dark out of the corners they have found themselves painted into.

Lea’s illustrations help us to explore the perils and peace in the isolation we all find ourselves reluctantly enjoying when no one else is there.

IBF: Please give us a brief bio of yourself.
Lea Barozzi has art in her blood. Her art work currently hangs in galleries around Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR. Lea started off as an actress in Los Angeles but after deciding that acting was not for her, she went back to school where she discovered art. Art spoke to her little black tortured punk rock heart in a away that acting never had. Now she is much happier painting demons then becoming them. Her graphic design projects include punk bands, coffee shops, foreign cities, and non-profit organizations. When she is not covered in oil paint or conjuring digital magic on the computer, she fills her life with adventure and new experiences. She has gone river rafting in Colorado, ocean kayaking in Hawaii, body surfing in Mexico, and she once drove all night through a blizzard in Nevada. She currently lives in Portland, OR with a man, a boy, and a cat.

IBF: What do you do for inspiration?
Lea: I listen to music, lyrics really inspire me and I read a lot of books, which often paints images in my head.

IBF: What type of paints and media do you work with?
Lea: I primarily work with oil on canvas.

IBF: Who is your top 3 artist?
Lea: Mark Ryden, Glenn Barr, and Greg “Craola” Simkins

IBF: What do you regard as being your biggest achievement so far?
Lea: Being hired to draw the illustrations for a new tshirt line.

IBF: You recently made the move to Portland, How is the art scene there compared to
Los Angeles?

Lea: You know how in LA everyone is an actor? Well in Portland everyone says they are an artist, lol….So you need to back it up with actual sales, commissions and gallery shows…otherwise you are just another wannabe in a town full of them. But one of the things I really like here is that there is a Pop Surrealist movement and appreciation…however there are not a lot of artists similar to me. So my work stands out more, I am one of the few who do big-eyed girls here instead of one of many. There is a really great art scene here, art is very important to the whole city, which is really neat to be apart of. But I sure miss all my artist friends in Los Angeles! And even though I still show in the LA galleries, I miss being able to physically go to them and be immersed in that world.

IBF: Please tell us where we might find some of your work and links to your websites.
Lea: You can currently find my work at Majestical Roof in Pasadena, CA. In Portland I am being carried at the Salty Teacup in St. Johns area and Dirty Hands Make and Grow in the SE.

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